WatchGPT Brings ChatGPT to Apple Watch

WatchGPT Brings ChatGPT to Apple Watch

WatchGPT brings ChatGPT directly onto Apple watches, enabling you to interact with it directly without ever opening your phone. Not only that but WatchGPT can generate longer texts as complication on your watch face for even easier use!

By providing an array of features and services, the app elevates your Apple Watch experience. Here is how it does it:


WatchGPT for Apple Watch allows users to easily receive quick responses from ChatGPT AI chatbot directly on their wrist. With its user-friendly interface tailored specifically for smaller screen sizes, WatchGPT makes receiving helpful answers easy on the go. Added as a watch face complication for easier access and featuring multilingual capabilities; users can even use it to locate relevant Wikipedia articles and other sources of information.

This chatbot app can provide fast, helpful responses quickly and conveniently and offers additional amenities such as text-to-speech and voice input for added convenience. Users can use it to translate between languages allowing easier communication across borders. Furthermore, its developer has promised more advanced features including context-aware responses in future application updates.

Silicon photonics is one of the Apple Watch’s most impressive innovations, enabling it to monitor glucose levels through light beams at specific wavelengths. If incorporated into future models of this wearable technology, this could provide diabetes patients with an alternative to painful finger-pricking for blood testing.

The Apple Watch is a powerful, convenient, and versatile wearable device. It can help users track fitness goals, stay connected with friends and family, and enhance productivity and personalization efforts – but without an onboard keyboard, it can sometimes limit users from fully taking advantage of all its features – which is why many consumers are seeking solutions that allow them to type using only their fingertips.

WatchGPT is an impressive first step toward introducing AI chatbots to Apple Watch owners. With seamless integration into its ecosystem and an intuitive user experience, WatchGPT is an ideal companion for Apple Watch owners seeking to achieve their goals efficiently and confidently. WatchGPT should become part of everyone’s arsenal for harnessing the full potential of their smartwatch – this groundbreaking tool promises to transform our daily interactions with smartwatches while making them a necessary part of daily life.

Fitness Tracking

Petey can help you achieve both weight loss and overall fitness enhancement with its smartwatch-enabled activity tracking – using steps, distance, calories consumed, and workout options with built-in coaching to reach your fitness goals.

Features of this app include an intuitive interface, an extensive range of exercises, and customizable coaching to meet individual fitness goals. Furthermore, music tracks are available as well as sleep-tracking capabilities that give an accurate picture of daily habits – all making this app an obvious choice for daily fitness needs. With such attractive benefits, it’s no wonder more people choose it over others for daily fitness needs.

Developers have taken advantage of ChatGPT’s generative AI capabilities to create watchGPT, an independent third-party app for Apple Watch that enables users to interact directly with its chatbot from their wrist and even set it as a complication for quick access. In addition, this wearable can share responses via SMS texting, emailing, or social media apps directly from itself.

This app, available in English, Dutch, and French versions for iOS 13.0 or later devices and measuring 2.6MB in download size is free to Watch OS 5 users; its developer is working to bring future updates that allow them to use their API key, access their history and make the app follow vocal input automatically.

The latest version of the app boasts several exciting new features to make its use even simpler and more convenient for you. Shortcuts now support it, replacing Siri with quick access to the information you need without taking out your phone. Furthermore, iOS 11’s multitasking features have been supported with improved dictation accuracy as well as several bug fixes and performance upgrades – for optimal experience, it is recommended that you update quickly to take advantage of all these great enhancements – more details on that can be found by visiting its official website.

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This app offers users with various features and services to stay connected, such as tracking fitness goals, staying abreast of news updates, or managing calendar commitments. Furthermore, this application improves productivity by helping individuals stay organized and focused throughout their day. Furthermore, its customizable nature means it is available in numerous languages as well as being tailored specifically to each user.

Many observers of the Apple Watch’s Siri assistant have voiced criticism of its inefficiency. Reddit user The_Franchise_09 called out Siri for being unhelpful and “useless” when dealing with certain tasks, while some users find Siri less responsive than expected in general. Therefore, some are seeking alternatives that offer greater assistance with everyday tasks – one such solution could be the Petey (formerly WatchGPT) app, which promises to bring its large language model chatbot power directly onto an Apple Watch device.

The new app, available now in the App Store and free to install, requires devices running iOS 13.0 or later to function. When installed, users will interact with a ChatGPT-based chatbot and share its responses through text, email, or social media. According to its developer, Apple Watch users should not encounter data collection. However, as this may still connect with external servers, it’s best to review both apps’ privacy policies for better understanding.

The new app marks an exciting first step toward bringing AI to wristwatches, with no needle needed for blood samples – an invaluable solution for those living with chronic conditions like diabetes and others. While currently unfinished, updates should continue over time to add context-aware replies and other functionality. Interestingly, Apple itself has made notable strides forward as well, including developing its blood glucose monitor for use with the Apple Watch Series 5. Using custom chips, silicon photonics, and optical absorption spectroscopy it will measure users’ blood sugar levels directly without needing needle samples – revolutionizing medical devices. This kind of medical device could make life better for those living with chronic conditions like diabetes as it will provide direct measurements.


Apple recently unveiled watchOS 7, an impressive update that takes personalization one step further. With it comes features that enable users to customize their experience by creating unique watch face configurations and tracking sleep and handwashing data; tracking sleep quality as well as handwashing data; adding workout types; as well as automatic fall detection and Siri language translation on Apple Watches.

Chatbots have become an increasingly common part of modern life, but finding one tailored specifically to you may be tricky. OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot has proven particularly popular due to its speedy responses; now Apple Watch owners can access this service directly from their device’s display!

WatchGPT can be found in the App Store for a one-time fee of $3.99 and, once installed, allows users to ask text- or voice-entered queries through text and/or voice recognition technology. WatchGPT then displays instantaneous responses in just seconds which they can then share via email or text with others; users may even set quick questions as complications on their watch!

As well as enabling users to interact directly with ChatGPT from their Apple Watch, this app helps streamline the process of getting information. By taking advantage of its microphone to capture audio queries, and the dictation feature to read out transcripts of such queries with answers available for review by users – they can select their best-fit option!

To install and use ChatGPT, launch the App Store, search “watchGPT,” and install. When installed, launch it from within your app and press on “Ask me Anything” to start communicating with its AI assistant.

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