AAP-Isudan-Gadhvi Rajkotupdates.News: Gujarat’s Rising Star in Politics

AAP-Isudan-Gadhvi RajkotUpdates.News

Gujarat’s energetic Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Isudan Gadhvi has fast risen in politics. His clever management helped the AAP win 18 seats in the ultimate meeting elections and turn out to be the main opposition to the BJP. This article discusses Gujarat AAP chief Isudan Gadhvi’s records, achievements, problems, and destiny.

Who’s Isudan Gadhvi?

In June 2021, 40-12 months-old former journalist and TV host Isudan Gadhvi joined AAP. Dwarka district’s other backward caste, 48% of the kingdom’s population, includes Gadhvi, a farmer from Pipaliya hamlet. His journalistic profession commenced on Doordarshan’s ‘Yojana’ software, while he exposed a ₹one hundred fifty crore illegal deforestation scheme in Gujarat’s Dang and Kaparada talukas. After becoming the youngest Gujarati media channel chief at VTV Gujarati in 2015, his program ‘Mahamanthan’ became popular amongst rural farmers.

How did he join AAP?

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal helped Isudan Gadhvi join the AAP in June 2021 during the nation headquarters’ release in Ahmedabad. Chief Minister Kejriwal praised Gadhvi’s choice to cease a vibrant profession to clear up Gujarat’s governing celebration and Congress problems. He praised Gadhvi’s boldness and sincerity, believing he might communicate for Gujaratis.

His AAP Gujarat Leadership Success

Gadhvi, as AAP’s Gujarat president in August 2021 and named the celebration’s chief ministerial candidate for the November 2021 meeting elections, led the birthday celebration with the slogan ‘Gujarat Ma Aavshe Kejriwal’. Farmers, young, women, schooling, fitness, and corruption were his marketing campaign priorities. Gadhvi beat the Congress with 34% of the vote despite losing Morbi. AAP received 18 seats, turning into the main competition to the BJP’s 112 seats. AAP additionally gained 27 of a hundred and 20 Surat Municipal Corporation seats.

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Challenges as AAP’s Gujarat Leader

Gadhvi faces inner and outside barriers as AAP Gujarat leader:

The departure of former country president Gopal Italia and birthday party dissension pose barriers to celebration cohesion and subject. Gadhvi ought to keep celebration allegiance and image.

Expanding Base and Support: AAP’s urban and semi-city achievements must be replicated in rural and tribal areas. It’s essential to draw the BJP/Congress electorate and assign the BJP’s narrative in Gujarat.

Strengthening Organization and Leadership: Gadhvi ought to construct a grassroots business enterprise, mobilize assets, and expand leaders to confront the BJP and Congress.

Possible Future as AAP’s Gujarat Leader

In Gujarat, Isudan Gadhvi offers a prospective opportunity for conventional events. He would possibly lead AAP to more victory in local frame elections and the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, influencing country-wide politics. After Arvind Kejriwal advocated for him, Gadhvi’s credentials and recognition gave him a great position inside the AAP’s national increase and a young lighthouse.


From journalist to Gujarat AAP leader, Isudan Gadhvi has labored to resolve the nation’s problems. Despite challenges, his management has made AAP a powerful force in Gujarat’s politics. Resilience and strategic imaginative and prescient promise a vivid destiny for Gadhvi and his party.


Q1: Who is Isudan Gadhvi?

A1: AAP Gujarat president and leader ministerial candidate Isudan Gadhvi, a forty-year-old former journalist and TV presenter, has had a first-rate effect on Gujarat’s media environment.

Q2: Isudan Gadhvi joined AAP whilst?

A2: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal helped Isudan Gadhvi be a part of the AAP in June 2021 at the kingdom headquarters’ release in Ahmedabad.

Q3: Isudan Gadhvi’s journalistic historical past?

Gadhvi started his journalistic career on Doordarshan’s ‘Yojana’ software and then labored as an on-area journalist at ETV Gujarati. He has become famous for revealing a ₹one hundred fifty crore illegal deforestation fraud in Gujarat.

Q4: What did AAP Gujarat chief Isudan Gadhvi accomplish?

A4: Gadhvi became AAP’s Gujarat president in August 2021 and led the birthday party to 18 seats in the 2018 assembly elections, becoming the biggest competition to the BJP. He gained the Surat Municipal Corporation.

Q5: How did Isudan Gadhvi do in assembly elections?

A5: Gadhvi lost the Morbi seat but acquired 34% of the vote. AAP gained 18 seats, becoming a main pressure in Gujarat politics.

Q6: What hurdles does AAP Gujarat chief Isudan Gadhvi face?

A6: Internal tensions, increasing the birthday celebration’s base outside metropolitan areas, and grassroots strengthening are challenges. Party team spirit and discipline are important.

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